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Thank you for Supporting
Waterford Boy's Lacrosse.

To Family and Friends of Waterford Lacrosse:
Fundraising is an important element to the overall experience of being a part of the Waterford Boy's Lacrosse Team. It is my goal that every year, the team will fundraise to assist in covering the expense of certain items.  All team fundraisers are approved by the Waterford High School Administration.

Every year Team Expenses:
Senior Plaques
Hammer Award
Helmet Decals
Team items (Varies year to year)

In 2010 season: We will be running a drawing this season. We will be awarding 10 -$100 prizes to Various locations: ( Home Depot, Best Buy, Stop and Shop, etc) (Visa/MasterCard/American Express Cards are not available),Each player trying out will be asked to sell 25 tickets at $5 per ticket. Regardless of who makes the team, each person will receive their own pair of game shorts. As well, we will be ordering 35 Varsity Practice Jersey's for the program. Portion of the proceeds will benefit the Haiti Relief Fund through the American Red Cross. The Drawing date will be on March 31, 2010. Winners will be posted on below.


Posted April 1, 2010  @ 6:20pm*** Drawing took place after practice in front of the entire team. The following people should contact Coach Landry at clandry@waterfordschools.org to arrange how they will claim their gift card.

Sara Cianci - $100 Gift Card
David Perez - $100 Stop and Shop
Gail Jodoin - $100 Best Buy
Tim Hesney - $100 Stop and Shop
Casey Briggs - $100 Best Buy
Ryan Lincoln - $100 Gift Card
Jake Wiseman - $100 Dick's Sporting goods
Stephany Briggs - $100 Best Buy

In 2009 season:
We will be asking for a $10 donation from 10 people per player and in return we will be giving out "Waterford Lacrosse Bumper Stickers" as a Thank you. With the money we will be ordering game shorts for every player to own, and as well, we will be purchasing 50 team bags for the program, that will be lent out to the players for the season.

In 2008 season:
We did a fundraiser in which we sold coupon cards. This was a great success. With the money raised we purchased a complete set of game shorts, team jacket, sweatshirt, sweat pants, T-shirt and a hat for each player.

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