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Practice/Team Expectations
*             Dedication – COMMITMENT
1.    Practice – should be at every practice
2.    Plan: do not wait until the last minute to tell coach information you knew earlier
3.    If cannot attend, I should know ahead of time.
4.    But do whatever possible to be there. We need the practice
*             5 Minutes early is 5 minutes late. If practice is at 3:30. We start at 3:24. You are              encouraged to be on the field a minimum of 15 minutes early
*             Eyes on the Coaches when they are speaking!
*             Go through drills with mental focus
*             You work hard all the time Run to your spot (coach, water, anything)
*             Listen, Listen, Listen
*             Stay Positive
*             Do things my way. Regardless of previous experience
*             Find your role on team
*             Have fun, while working hard
Other Expectations:
Do not pass and catch near locker room or any other windows
Do not throw off of Football/Track Shed
Sticks should remain in locker or with teacher during the school day
No throwing in the locker room
Team Consequences
* 10 sprints for every ball that is missing at the end of practice
* Swearing = 15 pushups for entire team
* Late to practice: 2 “100” yard sprints for each person
* Improper attire for practice: 2 “100” yard sprints for each person
·         Royal Blue Shorts
·         White or Grey T-Shirt
·         Sweats/spandex are OK if there is cold weather
* Missed Practice: Entire team does a “4-100’s” for each person that missed
* Excused Absence – no consequence: Permission from Coach, Medical, Extra Help (With a pass), absent from school (recommend that you still show up and watch practice)
Individual Consequences
* ISS will result in the same number of missed practices (2 ISS = 2 missed days with team)
* OSS will result in two missed practices for each OSS (2 OSS = 4 days missed)
* Conduct on or off the field unbecoming a member of the Waterford Boy's Lacrosse Team will result in suspension from team (varies based on situation)
Repeat offenders in any of the above areas
·         Individual consequence and/or
·         Demotion in regards to playing time
Ejected from a game
·         Possible suspension from next game and/or
·         Possible suspension for team
Saturday Detention
·         Demotion in regards to playing time
Miss practice day before a game
·         reduced role for part and/or all of game

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