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Earning a Varsity Letter

Wearing a varsity letter is a significant honor for an athlete. A student sporting the Waterford "W" knows that his hard work, determination, dedication, and talents have earned him the opportunity to represent Waterford High School, the staff and faculty, the student body, his family, the coaches, and the Waterford community in interscholastic competition. At first glance, the rules for obtaining a letter are simple. A player must:

1.  be selected to Varsity team at the beginning of the season

2.  Participate in 50% of the quarters of our league games, or

3.  be recognized by the coaching staff under "special circumstances" (e.g., a player who does not meet the participation criteria but who the coaches feel has had a significant impact on the squad and therefore warrants recognition) and

4.  remain academically eligible for the entire spring season.

These seemingly modest requirements are, in practice, very difficult to achieve. Our team goal is to compete in every game. To accomplish this aim, we play our best players. On our team, young men earn their playing time. The head coach expects each player to work hard, to give his best effort every time he walks on a lacrosse field, to set the example for our younger players, and to represent his school with pride and decorum. A player's individual efforts, integrity, commitment, and skills determine how much and how often he plays.

In some cases, a young man who would not otherwise qualify for a varsity letter clearly deserves recognition for his service to the team: for exceptional sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork, leadership. Sometimes those who make a team "work" are not our best game players. In addition, it is possible to have a player miss a significant part of the season and still be a key team asset deserving of a letter. The coaching staff reserves the right to award letters on a "special case" basis in these situations.

While we focus on playing time when we award letters, Waterford lacrosse is about more than playing well and winning games. Sports teach about value, respect, school pride, team spirit, sportsmanship, self-esteem, desire, character, dignity, dedication, and success. Young men who wear the lacrosse "W" clearly exemplify these traits.

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